11 Ridiculously Cute Outfits for Stay at Home Moms

Hey mamas! Are you looking for comfy clothes to wear at home that don’t make you feel frumpy? I know I always am.

As a work at home mom, most days my outfits are pretty ridiculous. They usually consist of the t-shirt I wore to bed, no bra, and my favorite black sweatpants. Not the best look.

But lately, I’ve noticed that when I put the small effort into wearing an actual outfit for working from home, I end up being way more productive! And more willing to do fun things on a whim like taking my son to the park or have play-dates.

That little confidence boost you get from looking cuter than normal is life-changing!

I’ve compiled a list of super cute & comfy outfits for stay at home moms. And I’ve made it easy for you to recreate each outfit with Amazon links to similar pieces, so you can be looking cuter in about two days.

Most of these outfits are perfect if you need to hop in the car & run a quick errand! Or they’re great to wear for a casual Zoom meeting.

Comfy Clothes for Work at Home Moms

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1. Leggings & Cardigan with Cheetah Flats

Black leggings are my ultimate go-to for putting together a stylish and comfy work at home outfit. So simple, but less frumpy than sweatpants!

Recreate this SAHM outfit:

2. Neutral Pullover, Dark Jeans, & Tan Slides

This half-zip pullover is really cute! And looks dressier than your average sweatshirt, especially paired with the jeans and sandals.

Recreate this SAHM outfit:

3. Gray Sherpa Pullover with Leggings & Sneakers

How COMFY does this look? I’m in love with this super fuzzy sherpa pullover.

And once again, our best friend, the black legging, is pulling through to make the outfit look complete!

Recreate this SAHM outfit:

4. Basic Pullover with Ripped Jeans

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a sweatshirt in a similar color to the one shown here (If you’re able to find one Amazon, let me know in the comments!), but I did find one that I think is just as cute!

This type of outfit is definitely something I wear on a regular basis when I’m working from home.

Recreate this SAHM outfit:

5. White Henley, Gray Sweatpants, & Fuzzy Slippers

I NEED those fuzzy slippers! Okay, so I’ll admit this one is a SUPER comfortable outfit for stay at home moms and may not be appropriate to leave the house in. (It’s up to you though. Who am I to judge?)

But since the henley long sleeve tee is tight-fitting, I think it would still make you feel more put-together than a typical t-shirt.

Recreate this SAHM outfit:

6. Simple White Shirt with Straight Leg Jeans

I’m OBSESSING over this trendy stay at home mom outfit! I love how casual yet cute it is.

You may already have these pieces in your closet & could wear this today!

Recreate this SAHM outfit:

7. Animal Print Sherpa Pullover with Black Jeans

Animal print seems to be the trendy look for stay at home moms at the moment. Hey, I’m not complaining!

I have to mention the frayed hem on the jeans. It’s such a cute little detail that makes this outfit feel super stylish.

Recreate this SAHM outfit:

8. Jean Jacket, Striped T-Shirt, and Leopard Flats

Every woman should own a well-fitted jean jacket. It’s a classic piece that never goes out of style. And it’s easy to wear with almost any outfit.

Recreate this SAHM outfit:

9. Tan Cardigan with Bralette Undearneath

Calling all moms! If you don’t own bralettes, what are you doing?!

They’re WAY comfier than wearing a regular bra and just like in this outfit, they can be used as an accessory to your outfit.

If you’re a woman who’s larger on top, I’ve heard great things about this brand of bralettes.

Recreate this SAHM outfit:

10. Oversized Knit Cardigan with Leggings & White Tee

My favorite part of the seasons changing and cold weather coming in is bringing out my cardigans.

You can get this comfy oversized cardigan in SO many different colors. They even have it in a pretty teal blue!

Recreate this SAHM outfit:

11. Sweatsuit and White Sneakers

This work from home outfit takes barely any effort to pull off and looks so good! I think the clean, white sneakers are what make the outfit look chic despite its simpleness.

Recreate this SAHM outfit:

Final Thoughts

Having simple pieces in your closet you can easily throw on is what can take your work from home outfits from frumpy to ADD.

Here are the basic things you need for cute stay at home outfits:

What do you usually wear as a stay at home or work at home parent? Let me know in the comments.


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