13 Insanely Easy and Clever Mommy and Me Halloween Costumes

Although this Halloween may look a bit different than years’ past, it doesn’t mean you won’t still want to get dressed up with your kiddos and take cute pictures for memories’ sake. They’re only this little once!

To make it easy on you, I’ve compiled a list of simple-to-recreate mommy and me Halloween costumes that are perfect for single moms. Most of these ideas are inexpensive, so if you’re doing Halloween on a budget this year (and I think most of us are!), I’ve got you covered.

And hey, If you’re feeling extra lazy, here’s the simplest costume of them all for this year:

Halloween Themed Face Masks

Kidding, but not really. Okay, let’s dive into the actual costume ideas!

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Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Single Moms

1. Skeleton Family Halloween Costume

The perfect costume for a single mom of two or more. All you’ll need is a skeleton outfit (pajamas work great!) and face paint. So simple!

Recreate this costume:

2. Mama Bear & Baby Bear

How adorable is this? Pretty sure there’s nothing cuter than matching mom and baby Halloween costumes.

Recreate this costume:

3. Incredibles Family Costume

Elastigirl and Jack-Jack. An incredible mother and son Halloween costume idea. That pun was just too easy. I had to!

Recreate this costume:

4. Mother and Son Skeleton Ghost Costume

Other than the wig and face paint, you might already own everything needed to create this costume! This is one that I would love to do myself when my son is a bit older.

Recreate this costume:

5. Baby Monkey & Banana

This is a really funny mommy and baby Halloween costume. You’ll definitely get some laughs with this one!

Recreate this costume:

6. Easy Pumpkin Family Costume

I’m ALL about this one! You’ll just need Jack O’ Lantern t-shirts and you have a super simple matching family costume for Halloween. I love how inexpensive this idea is!

Recreate this costume:

7. Mother and Daughter Leopard Costume

This is an easy DIY Halloween costume, especially if you’re an animal print lover and own most of it already!

Spending time together recreating this outfit would be a great bonding activity for mom and daughter.

Recreate this costume:

8. DIY Scarecrow Costume

How CUTE! This Mommy and me Halloween costume would be easy to recreate. And perfect to take some adorable photos in like this one!

Recreate this costume:

9. Mother and Son Skeleton Costume

It might be because I have a toddler boy and I can imagine doing these with him, but I LOVE looking at all of the mom and son Halloween costume ideas. Both of them look so cool!

Once again, this is one you can likely recreate with stuff you already own. You’ll just need to purchase the face paint!

Or if you don’t own a similar outfit, you can purchase what you need for your costume and still get good use out of the pieces since they’re just regular clothes!

Recreate this costume:

10. Matching Mom & Daughter Wednesday Addams Costume

A lot of the mother and daughter Halloween costumes you can find across the internet are bright and cutesy, but if you’re looking for something a bit darker and spookier (but still really cute!), this Addams family costume is perfect!

Recreate this costume:

11. Mother of Dragons DIY Costume

This Halloween costume takes barely any effort to pull off and looks so good! I’ve seen a lot of variations of this idea, but this one is the simplest I’ve come across so far.

Purchase cheap dragon costumes for each kid then a ‘Mother of Dragons’ T-shirt and you’re good to go!

Recreate this costume:

12. 80’s Workout Costume Idea with Leg Warmers & all!

A totally fun mother daughter costume idea!

Recreate this costume:

13. Unicorn Family Costume

This Halloween costume is perfect for a single mom with a baby.

Recreate this costume:

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t take a lot of effort or money to put together a mommy and me Halloween costume. It’s been a crazy year, but it’s important we still take the time to celebrate even if we’re only staying in! It could turn out to be a Halloween our kids will always remember (for good reasons!)

Do you have any other good ideas for single parent family costumes? Let me know in the comments.


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