101 Best Things to Sell on Mercari in 2020 to Make Money Fast

If you’re looking for an easy way to make some extra cash or you’re starting an online reselling business, here’s a list of 101 best things to sell on Mercari to help you out!

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top selling items on mercari

If you’re looking to make money on Mercari, you have to know what to sell. The trick to selling on Mercari is to list in-demand items at competitive prices. Pay attention to what people want. That’s really the key to any business, isn’t it?

This is also a helpful list if you’re looking for the best items to resell. You can learn more about how to start a reselling business in my 7 Secrets to Making Money Online. You’ll even get a glimpse at how much money I’ve made on Mercari just by selling stuff I no longer wanted. I think you’ll be pretty surprised!

If you use my link to sign up for Mercari, you’ll receive an extra $20 when you make your first $100. This is SUPER easy to achieve if you post top selling items on Mercari like the things on the list below.

So check around your house to see if you have any of these things that are laying around, forgotten about, and collecting dust.

This post is a list of the best things to sell on Mercari in 2020.

Best Things to Sell on Mercari

  1. Lululemon Athletic Wear
  2. Michael Kors Bags
  3. Gymshark Athletic Wear
  4. Nintendo Switch
  5. Xbox One
  6. American Girl Dolls
  7. Beats by Dr Dre
  8. Burberry
  9. Gucci
  10. Columbia Jackets
  11. Kate Spade Bags
  12. Birkenstocks
  13. Nike Clothing and Sneakers
  14. Patagonia
  15. Chanel Bags
  16. Miss Me Jeans
  17. LEGO Sets
  18. Adidas Clothing and Sneakers
  19. Kendra Scott Jewelry
  20. Tory Burch
  21. Lilly Pulitzer Clothing
  22. Dooney & Burke Bags
  23. Air Jordan Sneakers
  24. Samsung Galaxy Phone
  25. American Eagle Jeans and Shorts
  26. IPhones
  27. Timberland Boots
  28. Victoria Secret Clothing
  29. Morphe Makeup Palettes
  30. Rae Dunn Home Decor
  31. Marvel Legends action figures
  32. Musical Instruments
  33. Apple Watch
  34. Laptop
  35. Airpods
  36. Halloween Costumes
  37. Vitamix Blender
  38. Nintendo Switch Games
  39. Instant Pot
  40. Uggs
  41. Pokémon Games
  42. Pokémon Cards
  43. Digital Cameras
  44. Collectible Starbucks Mugs
  45. GameCube
  46. Polaroid Camera
  47. PlayStation
  48. Nintendo Wii
  49. Sperry Shoes
  50. Hunter Boots
  51. Nintendo DS
  52. Apple Computer
  53. Kitchenaid Mixer
  54. Cloth Diapers
  55. TV Series Disc Sets
  56. Aerie Bikini
  57. Textbooks
  58. Books
  59. Vintage Levi’s
  60. Baby Swaddles
  61. Fabletics Active Wear
  62. Watch
  63. Drone
  64. Designer Perfume
  65. Monster High Dolls
  66. Baseball Cards
  67. IPad
  68. Kindle
  69. Funko Pop Collectibles
  70. Olaplex for Hair
  71. Baby Bjorn Products
  72. Ergobaby Carrier
  73. Noise Cancelling Headphones
  74. Collectible Barbies
  75. Essential Oils
  76. High-end Makeup
  77. Dr. Martens boots
  78. Vintage Video Games
  79. Athleta Clothing
  80. Playboy Hoodies
  81. Keurig
  82. Le Cruset Cookware
  83. Ring Doorbell Camera
  84. Nontoxic Baby Toys
  85. Stroller
  86. Gaming PC parts
  87. Printer
  88. Free People Clothing
  89. Vintage Pyrex
  90. 4moms Mamaroo Baby Swing
  91. Vacuum
  92. Yeti Tumbler
  93. Fitbit
  94. Rings with valuable stones or gold
  95. Football Jerseys
  96. Rollerskates
  97. Paintball Gear
  98. Hydroflask
  99. Hammock
  100. Skateboard
  101. Crockpot

I’d love to know in the comments any items you’ve found to be great sellers on Mercari. And please take a second to pin this post so you can help someone else out there make a little extra cash!

This post was all about the best things to sell on Mercari in 2020 to make money fast.

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